posted October 9, 2008

Looking for
Coon Rapids Golf Course Golfers
(now or in the past)
who can donate a golf club to
The Momument to the Coon Rapids Golf Swing

The project to build a “golf-club windmill” sculpture in Coon Rapids, Iowa has been approved by the Art in the Park committee and the Coon Rapids City Council. The idea of this “monument” is to honor the many Coon Rapids golfers over the years and the legendary "Coon Rapids golf swing.”

The “windmill” is scheduled to be constructed at Roadside Park (off Highway 141 by the golf course) out of steel during the summer of 2009. We need at least 28 golf clubs to create the windmill face. We're looking for golf clubs that fit the following description:

  1. Golf club was used on the Coon Rapids golf course
  2. By someone who golfed on the course a lot
  3. Can be either a wood or an iron
  4. Club is not broken (still playable).

If you or someone in your family (living or dead) was a big Coon Rapids golfer (I.e., loving the game and golfing a lot is more important than how good they were) and you have a club that fits the above description, please consider donating it to this project.

The owner's name of every golf club we use will be engraved on the sculpture and will be noted on a permanent project website ( The clubs will get a whole new swinging life.

Please deliver or mail your golf club to:

Coon Rapids Golf Course Club House
c/o Allen Bukoff
731 S. 5th Ave.
Coon Rapids, Iowa 50058

Please include the name of the golf club's owner and the approximate range of years they played the Coon Rapids Golf Course.

For more information email or phone 248.540.4473